Technology Focus Weekly Update 16 Oct ’22

Get top data-driven technology highlights of the week: new SaaS products, tech business applications and learnings of the week: DevOps, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity, public cloud platforms (AWS/GCP/Azure), MarTech, ML/AI, MLOPs, NLP, edtech, e-courses, upcoming events, and related Infographics.


  1. DevOps
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Cloud-Native
  4. MarTech
  5. EdTech
    1. The Fundamentals of DataOps
    2. Course Overview
  6. ML/AI
    1. *** Breaking: The next evolution of AI
  7. AWS
  8. GCP
    1. AutoML
  9. Azure
    1. DP-100: A-Z Machine Learning using Azure Machine Learning
  10. Explore More


November 8th, 2022     |     11 a.m. ET

Providing reliable and secure services doesn’t just happen.  Traditionally, teams of “humans” spent hours monitoring and managing the performance of services without the benefit of computer assistance. But, what happens when the humans are aided with capabilities like analytics, automation and AIOps?

Join us as we discuss:

  • How analytics forms the foundation for great observability
  • Reducing MTTR w/ anomaly detection & cause analysis
  • Reducing cognitive load while increasing employee retention
Thursday, October 26th      |      3 p.m. ET Join us on October 26th for a live roundtable with value stream and software experts focusing on the key questions everyone adopting VSM struggle with and practical examples and tips for successful adoption of VSM. Ask the experts directly yourself by engaging with them through chat and Q&A throughout the roundtable. You will walk away with these takeaways:Where to get started?How to break through the barriers (sticking points)?Getting leadership on board
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DevOps webinar Threat detection and response for AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate lets you focus on deploying and managing your applications without worrying about infrastructure. But how do you get visibility into a serverless environment to detect and respond to workload threats?

In this session, Sysdig and AWS will discuss how to tackle the unique challenges of securing serverless environments. You’ll learn how the right tooling can help you meet your cloud security goals, address compliance requirements and reduce business risk.

DevSecOps Roadmap: Building Security Into Workflows the Right Way

Nick Cavalancia – Techvangelism and Mark Townsend, Vice President of Professional Services at Invicti Security
Live online November 03 at 12:00 p.m

Application security has come a long way. From automation to increased AppSec budgets, the landscape of application security has changed dramatically. Yet even businesses who think they are doing AppSec and DevSecOps well can’t be entirely confident, with organisations becoming increasingly vulnerable due to the sheer number of web assets they have – or think they have – to secure.

With it being more imperative than ever for development and security teams to gain complete visibility into all their applications — including those that are lost, forgotten, or hidden – it’s crucial that they do it in the right way.

But what does the right way look like? In episode 2 of Invicti’s Mastering Application Security series, Nick Cavalancia and Mark Townsend are here to show you. From discussing how businesses can create a DevSecOps roadmap that truly works, to diving into how teams can integrate application security into their DevOps pipelines the right way, join them to hear:

– Why many organizations struggle with gaining full visibility of what applications they need to secure
– How to navigate the complexity of integrating security tools within short production cycles
– How critical software issues can be identified and addressed at the appropriate stage of the SDLC
– How to inspire DevOps and DevSecOps teams to grow the right development culture that fosters an environment where AppSec can truly thrive.


As cyber actors continue to find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and evade detection, organizations are finding it more and more difficult to protect against destructive attacks.

AT&T Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) builds on our decades of expertise in managed security services to help protect your assets around the clock.

Attend Enriching Third-Party Risk Processes with Targeted Risk Intelligence on Thursday October 20th at 1pm Eastern.

Targeted risk intelligence and automated data feeds can enable organizations to recognize risk sooner and respond with increased operational resilience, reducing the manual burden and cost. Attend this webinar to learn how to incorporate targeted risk intelligence end enrich your TPRM program, including how to:

  • Identify and prioritize the gaps in your security posture
  • Link data feeds to your TPRM platform and enable real-time visibility
  • Understand inherent risk across third-parties and make Nth party risk more discoverable
  • Automate continuous monitoring by setting up risk intelligence feeds to detect changes in a vendor’s risk status, triggering workflow action

IT GRC Forum: Cybersecurity risks continue to increase with work-from-home culture, the uptake in cloud-based services, and geopolitical unrest. As we head into a softening market, many organizations are looking for opportunities to increase revenue, and cost centers are tasked with increasing efficiency to improve their programs.

Please join Cisco and Diligent on Wednesday October 26 at 8am PT (11am ET) where you’ll learn:

  • How applying a common controls framework can streamline your IT compliance program
  • Attaining additional security certifications that unlock revenue in new market segments
  • Tips on how Highbond can make your IT program easy to implement and maintain
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  • Snowflake LIVE DEMO: If you’re interested in learning how your organisation can use Snowflake to enable data-driven decision-making, why not join our live demo on 20 October?
  • You will learn how easy it is to unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data in the Data Cloud. An expert will show you how to:
  • Create a single repository for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Increase engineering productivity to reduce cost and maintenance burden
  • Securely share live, ready-to-query data cross-cloud and cross-region without any ETL

Observability vs. monitoring, beyond buzzwords, why does the distinction matter? Catch everything Honeycomb is doing at SREcon, October 25th to 27th, to learn how observability helps you ask complex questions and get real-time answers to solve performance issues and identify the hidden patterns behind perplexing errors. Visit us to see how easy it is to see what matters through high-cardinality queries, heatmaps, and debuggable SLOs.

  • Recently, Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. Join us for our free webinar on October 20 to learn about the new features your organization can take advantage of.

What is new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9?

October 20, 2022 / 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (US Eastern Time)

When it comes to deploying applications and mission-critical workloads across physical, virtual, private, public, and edge cloud environments, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 provides a more flexible and stable foundation to support hybrid cloud innovation.

The newest version is prepared for development and deployment from the edge to the cloud, catering to the requirements of a hybrid cloud setting. Whether your application runs on physical hardware, virtual machines, or containers created from Red Hat Universal Base Images, it will run efficiently on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (UBIs).

  • DataOps: DataKitchen CEO Christopher Bergh will break down a ‘Data Journey’ in this live webinar and show mapping the run-time lineage of your data-to-insight production process is the essential missing piece of your analytics architecture.    And once you have that mapping, how to actively monitor, track and test a Data Journey to ensure rapid delivery of insight, low data errors, and high rate change to production systems with few regression errors.
  • Andrew Casey, President and CEO of BIOTECanada, says the biotech sector will provide key innovative answers to the problems of the future. What will Canada do when the next pandemic hits? What about when the global population hits the 10 billion mark, or when it becomes increasingly urgent to address the threat of climate change?
How to Grow Canada’s Biotech Sector


  • Data Quality Services: Address, Email, Phone & Name Verification, Plus Matching & Change of Address
  • Data Enrichment Services: Add in Geocoding & Property Data
  • Ecommerce Solutions: Address Autocompletion & Global IP Location
  • Identity Verification Solutions: Global KYC & AML Check & Consumer Identity Resolution & Enrichment


  • Free Tutorial: Java for Beginners – Step by Step
  • DataKitchen: A Free, On-Demand DataOps Certification Course
  • A Cloud Guru: From today until October 20th, we’re inviting you to save 40% on a Personal Plus annual plan with A Cloud Guru.
  • Think of it as an expedition, with real hands-on learning to advance your career: labs, certifications, and unlimited AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud sandboxes. And it’s all yours for about half the price.
The Fundamentals of DataOps
Course Overview

This course introduces you to the concept of DataOps—its origins, components, real-life applications, and ways to implement it.

Following the five modules, the course offers you a 32-question assessment on what you have learned.

With an 80% passing grade, you will receive a Fundamentals of DataOps Certificate to post on LinkedIn and add to your resume!


*** Breaking: The next evolution of AI

Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is soaring, but confusion and hype can mask the real benefits of these technologies. Organizations need to identify use cases that will produce value for them, especially in the areas of enhancing processes, detecting anomalies and enabling predictive analytics.

Read Harvard Business Review Analytic Services’ recent brief on AI & ML, Driving Tangible Value for Business, to gain insight into:

  • How organizations are reaping the rewards from AI & ML
  • How smart technology has improved customer service, product innovation and internal IT operations
  • How many organizations are moving forward with AI & ML


  • Enabling Data Interoperability with AWS IoT FleetWise – Collect, transform, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud in near real time.
  • The AWS Cloud9 IDE offers a rich code-editing experience with support for several programming languages and runtime debuggers, and a built-in terminal. It contains a collection of tools that you use to code, build, run, test, and debug software, and helps you release software to the cloud.



Train high-quality custom machine learning models with minimal effort and machine learning expertise.

  • Google Cloud Logging launches Log Analytics powered by Big Query. The feature allows Log users to use the power of BQ within Cloud Logging to perform Analytics on Logs. You can update your existing Log Buckets to start using Log Analytics. It does not require complex data pipeline configurations to ingest data. Learn more.
  • BigQuery ML enables Faraday to make predictions for any US consumer brand . is a Partner of Google Cloud enabling companies to unlock the patterns hidden in their data using BigQuery ML, such as increasing conversion of leads to subscribe customers via personalization, allowing scoring of leads, spend forecasting and Lon-to-value ratio identification for customers. They achieved this in conjunction with the Built with BigQuery program from Cloud Partner Engineering.


DP-100: A-Z Machine Learning using Azure Machine Learning

Elevate your visualizations with Azure Managed Grafana—now generally available

Explore More


SEO Power Suite #ProductHunt
SEO PowerSuite

The API Cheat-Sheet
The API Cheat-Sheet
Uses of Data Science!
Uses of Data Science!
E-discovery day dec 1st, 2022

E-Discovery Day is on December 1st. 


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