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  • Gulf’s Oil Price Web Scraping in R

    Gulf’s Oil Price Web Scraping in R

    Gulf’s Oil Price Web Scraping in R. Gulf states to gain $1.3 trillion in additional oil revenue by 2026: IMF. We discuss the basics of sourcing oil market price data for free online. discuss the basics of sourcing oil market price data for free online. Webscraping in R is a technique to retrieve large amounts of data from the Internet. We’ll be scraping data on Gulf’s oil prices from the Oil Price website and converting it into a usable format. This is is crucial for competitive pricing. In order to keep prices of your products competitive and attractive, you need to monitor and keep track of prices set by your competitors. If you know what your competitors’ pricing strategy is, you can accordingly align your pricing strategy to get an edge over them.

  • Macroaxis AI Investment Opportunity

    Our earlier study addressed the Macroaxis portfolio optimization based upon a statistical approach to making optimal investment decisions across different financial instruments. The present research analysis illustrates the Macroaxis Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment opportunity. The AI framework completely automates your asset selection decisions. It is designed to address the most technical part of the wealth […]

  • AI-Guided Drug Recommendation

    AI-Guided Drug Recommendation

    AI-Guided Drug Recommendation in Python using NLP text processing. Key steps: WordCount images, NLP Pre-Processing, NER via spacy, LDA topic modelling, and Word2Vec Vectorization for reviews using pretrained glove model. Input data: the Kaggle UCI ML Drug Review dataset. Applications in the pharmaceutical industry, including drug R&D, drug repurposing, improving pharmaceutical productivity, and clinical trials, among others.

  • AI-Driven Skin Cancer Diagnosis

    AI-Driven Skin Cancer Diagnosis

    Using TensorFlow library in Python, we can implement an image recognition skin cancer classifier that tries to distinguish between benign (nevus and seborrheic keratosis) and malignant (melanoma) skin diseases from only photographic 2D RGB images

  • Simple E-Commerce Sales BI Analytics

    Simple E-Commerce Sales BI Analytics

    Good businesses learn from previous efforts and test future ideas using e-commerce analytics (ECA). ECA enable you to delve deep into historical BI data, and future forecasting so that you can make the optimized business decisions.  The key benefits of ECA are as follows: Improve your ROI while lowering your CAC. Measure the effectiveness of […]

  • Bear Market Similarity Analysis using Nasdaq 100 Index Data

    Bear Market Similarity Analysis using Nasdaq 100 Index Data

    We calculate similarities between the current market conditions and the selected six historical bear market events using the Nasdaq 100 Index Data. Results suggest that Covid19 pandemic, 1987 black Monday, and 1990 recession are closest to the current bear market.

  • Basic Stock Price Analysis in Python

    Basic Stock Price Analysis in Python

    Our basic stock price analysis in Python includes stock prices, stock volume, market capitalization, 50/200-day moving average, scattered X-plot matrix, and stock volatility or standard deviation.

  • A K-means Cluster Cohort E-Commerce

    A K-means Cluster Cohort E-Commerce

    K-means Clusters – Cohort Analysis applied to E-Commerce Understanding who your customers are and what they want is a fundamental part of any successful business. It can become increasingly challenging to create a one-size-fits-all customer profile. This is where the concept of cluster-based cohort analysis comes in. 

  • The Application of ML/AI in Diabetes

    An American is diagnosed with diabetes every 17 seconds.  This is a follow-up contribution to the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), the ongoing Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications (EDIC) study, that has continued the earlier pilot.  The objective of this study is to build a supervised machine learning (ML) model to predict whether […]

  • AI-Powered Stroke Prediction

    Introduction Stroke, also known as brain attack, happens when blood flow to the brain is blocked, preventing it from getting oxygen and nutrients from it and causing the death of brain cells within minutes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) stroke is the 2nd leading cause of death globally after ischemic heart disease, responsible […]