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Tech Weekly Sept ’22

  • Snowflake is making massive moves to build its cloud data sharing, predicated on an expanded CY26 TAM of $248B.
  • Apple‘s unchanged pricing suggests steady profit margins, Apple Services remains the key to high single-digit margin and sales expansion, pushing operating margins closer to the 30% mark.
  • Shopify is a mission-driven and founder-led company that has beat the stock market since IPO until 2022 started, it has an end-to-end business model and ecosystem that merchants can take advantage of to scale
  • DevOps Workshop: ML-Powered SOlutions for AWS
AWS Workshop Sept 27th

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 1 p.m. ET

As IT infrastructure consistently churns out record amounts of new data, ITOps teams often struggle to manage and analyze it with traditional tools. A new approach is needed to help IT shift from reactive to proactive management of incident resolution data to boost application availability, save time-to-detect and resolve the most critical issues and lower costs. Join this hands-on workshop for a live presentation and interactive lab and learn how you can leverage Amazon DevOps Guru, a fully-managed AIOps solution from AWS to detect, diagnose and optimize the performance of your infrastructure. 

You will learn how to:

  • Proactively monitor and optimize your databases for performance bottlenecks and operational issues
  • Easily trace and resolve serverless application performance issues with ML-powered insights
  • Reduce time-to-resolve operational issues from days to minutes


Developer Advocate – Amazon Web Services

Marketing Digest Sept 2022

SEO PowerSuite:

Core Web Vitals (CWV)
Source: SEO PowerSuite
Source: SEO PowerSuite

HubSpot Niews:

Medium Better Marketing:

B2B Forum October 12 2022
B2B Forum by MarketingProfs
MarketingProfs article why your customer experience metrics are lying to you
by Tal Klein
Marketing Solutions 2022 by Ascend2 & Oracle
4 startegies for marketing analytics
by #dighisci

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EdTech Update Aug 2022


  • Grow your career by earning your Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of London. You’ll gain the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in marketing management, strategy, design, and analyst roles as you build the leadership and interpersonal skills employers are looking for. Key areas include environmental sustainability, fair and equitable global economic growth, gender and racial equality, and ethical approaches to consumption.
  • University of California, Irvine invites you to explore their Coursera offerings, or see what the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) has to offer such as:
  • Certificates – over 60 online career-oriented programs in areas such as business and leadership, law and finance, technology, healthcare, life sciences, and engineering 
  • Technology Bootcamps – coding, data analytics, cyber security, and digital marketing
  • International Programs – ESL, academic study abroad, and accelerated certificate programs held on the beautiful UCI campus

Recommended Data Science Guided Projects:


Explore “data science for business” courses


Logistic Regression Practical Case Study: Breast Cancer detection using Logistic Regression

Pierian Training 

Python for Finance: Enroll in our Python for Finance course today! Learn to use various Python libraries such as QuantConnect to perform financial analysis and research.
Deep Learning with Tensorflow and Keras: Enroll in our Deep Learning with Keras and Tensorflow Course! Learn how to use Python for Deep Learning with Tensorflow 2 and Keras libraries. Start today!

Computer Vision with Python and OpenCV: Take our Computer Vision course to learn OpenCV! In this course, you’ll use the OpenCV Python library to process and analyze images and video data.

Cybersecurity Update July 2022

API Security Webinar August 22
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we explore the rapidly evolving application and API landscape and offer concrete ways organizations can protect against threats to their application code, APIs and related components.

AT&T Cybersecurity White Paper:

Cyber Risk Reduction in the Era of Accelerating Digital Transformation

Increased use of cloud services, edge computing, and greatly expanded remote working options have all increased the level of cyber risk for organizations that aren’t always evident. As digital transformation initiatives accelerate, an organization requires a deep and accurate understanding about its cyber risk. 

An organization-wide risk assessment profile should be completed to identify critical assets, functions, and business processes that need protection. Throughout the risk assessment, security maturity should also be assessed across all five organizational pillars to avoid cognitive dissonance regarding the level of maturity an organization has achieved.

BrightTalk Webinar 
Cyber Threat Intelligence
BrightTalk Webcast

The explosion in cloud adoption, digital transformation, and remote work – combined with a never-ending amount of phishing and ransomware attacks – are shaping the evolution of threats. But it’s difficult adapting security strategies to mitigate risks, especially given the varying skillsets that exist within an infosec team, burnout, competing priorities, and a lack of visibility into blind spots.

In this Fireside Chat, Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst at ESG, and Jason Steer, CISO at Recorded Future, explore the top security trends you should keep top of mind, how you can use threat intelligence to stay 10 steps ahead, and much more. 

IT GRC Forum
CPE | How to Effectively Communicate Cybersecurity Risks to the Board

It has always been challenging for security leaders to communicate the value of cybersecurity investments to board. Giving transparency about the weakness of organizations can be pretty uncomfortable but, it is essential to increase the Cybersecurity level. As an IT Manager, CISO, or CSO, your understanding of risk and compliance is intimate and understood in infosec terminology. You must offer board executives a set of data to help them make informed decisions based upon the optimal management. However, the Board of Directors expect brevity, and examine business practices from a birds-eye perspective. Attend this webinar to learn how to improve your board’s cybersecurity posture by effectively communicating risks in business terms, including how to: – Create trust with dialogue delivery and engage leadership with universal, non-security terms – Show metrics to quantify challenges, & categorize in financial terms – Use data to explain the problem, and share how that same data provides you with a way to solve it – Help board executives move to an ‘internet everywhere’ approach.

DevSecOps Monthly Picks July 2022

Honeycomb: Organizations have practiced application performance management and monitoring for as long as there’s been software. Over the years it has evolved and changed to accommodate different methodologies like Agile, but traditional monitoring and testing can’t keep up with the new paradigms necessary for cloud-native applications built using containers and with microservices. That’s where observability comes in. As software architectures become more complex, observability has become an essential part of the testing environment to help identify and resolve issues early on in the development life cycle. Ultimately, testing and observability share the same goal: To make sure systems are running smoothly.

AWS Modernization Workshop with CircleCI: GKE Autopilot is a new mode of operation in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) designed to reduce operational costs around managing clusters, optimizing production time and driving higher workload availability. As a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner, CircleCI makes it easy to integrate CI/CD workflows with GCP and utilize modes of operation like Autopilot.

Legit Security / Takeda Pharmaceutical : How to shift security left

  • Learn how to gain buy-in from development leaders to embed security into development
  • Become familiar with modern software supply chain risks such as: hard-coded secrets risks, infrastructure-as-code risks, pipeline risks and SDLC misconfiguration risks
  • Understand the value of fixing security issues before production

Synopsys: According to the 2022 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report, the overwhelming majority of software development organizations are leveraging open source to build their applications. However, the scale of use creates a growing management challenge. While development and risk management teams scramble to patch vulnerabilities, decipher complex license terms governing obligations associated with the use of each open source component and stay up to date with component versions, another consideration begs attention: How does this open source risk affect my software supply chain?

  • What a software supply chain looks like
  • How open source introduces risk to a software supply chain
  • Applying the OSSRA findings to reduce your software supply chain risk.


Though we hope they won’t happen, disasters are inevitable—especially in today’s unstable world. Because your customers, your revenue and your reputation depend on your applications’ availability, it is essential to have a strong disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place.

But because many organizations are running containerized applications in distributed environments across multiple clouds and storage platforms, traditional DR solutions often miss the mark when it comes to protecting and recovering cloud-native applications. For example, when protecting Kubernetes applications, you need to be sure that application data AND metadata is quickly recoverable—you don’t want to be left stitching backups together when time is of the essence!

Learn how to create a disaster recovery strategy for your cloud-native applications, including how to:

  • Continuously back up your applications and their associated data no matter what they contain or where they’re located
  • Easily select backups from different repositories
  • Specify namespace mappings
  • Reconfigure application data and metadata across multiple applications at one time.

ML/AI Credit Card Fraud Detection

Q2 2022 Update

The Kaggle Credit Card Fraud Detection dataset (click here for the dataset). 

Steps Involved

  1. Importing the required packages into our python environment.
  2. Importing the data
  3. Processing the data to our needs and Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Feature Selection and Data Split
  5. Building six types of classification models
  6. Evaluating the created classification models using the evaluation metrics

This process leads to six different types of classification models such as XGBoost, Random forest, KNN, Logistic regression, SVM, and Decision tree. The models were evaluated using the evaluation metrics (confusion matrix, precision, recall, accuarcy score, and F1-score).

The key challenge is to handle the unbalanced dataset.

To show the difference in performance between models trained with balanced and unbalanced data, 8 models were built:

4 Logistic Regression Models, where one of them will be trained with unbalanced data and the other three will be trained with balanced data by different methods.

4 Decision Tree Models, which will be distributed in the same way as the Logistic Regression Models.

For balancing, 3 methods were used:

  • RandomUnderSampling (RUS) — This method discards a random subset of the majority class, preserving the characteristics of the minority class, ideal when you have a large volume of data. This method can lead to lower performance when making predictions of the majority class.
  • ADASYN — Generates new samples, close to the original ones, that are misclassified using a K-Nearest Neighbors classifier. To better understand this method, click here.
  • SMOTE — The basic implementation of SMOTE, meanwhile, will not distinguish between easy and difficult samples to be classified, as is done in ADASYN.

Key Takeaways:

  • Logistic Regression algorithms perform better when dealing with balanced data.
  • Decision Tree algorithms were superior when dealing with unbalanced data.
  • The ideal solution is the one that best serves the institution, and can be the one with the highest AUC or the one with the highest number of fraud detection.
  • The algorithm that best predicted fraud was the Logistic Regression Model trained on balanced data using the ADASYN method.

Cf. GitHub Link to the complete project.

See Related Case Studies:

Data-Driven ML Credit Card Fraud Detection

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Credit Card Fraud Detection — Part I

Tech Week Ahead Monday, July 11, 2022

Scalable Storage On-Prem for AWS Outposts Jul 12 2022

Achieving Business Value with Analytics Jul 12 2022

DevSecOps Topic Spotlight: Continuous Deployment (CD)

DevOps workflows are now more widely used than ever. Monitoring software and infrastructure performance and using continuous integration to automatically build and test code changes remain the most popular DevOps-related activities cited in the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s recent State of Continuous Delivery in 2022 report. While nearly half of developers (47%) said they used either continuous integration or continuous deployment platforms, only about 20% reported using both to automate all application build, testing and deployment.

The problem is that continuous deployment is much more complex and difficult to achieve than continuous integration. The number of organizations that routinely make use of a CD platform is still relatively small. Historically, each platform used to run applications has been unique, so automating delivery and deployment has been problematic. This month, we’ll focus on the end stages of the DevOps pipeline and explore continuous deployment and continuous delivery in depth, including the concept of CD-as-a-service.


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Kubernetes security is becoming more challenging as the number of clusters running cloud-native applications continues to multiply rapidly. Challenges range from allowing in only legitimate traffic and enabling least-privileged communications between services to defend against attacks moving laterally between clusters, to validating how a workload is operating within the expected guardrails.

It’s also often assumed that because a container only runs for a few seconds on a

Kubernetes cluster, it won’t be compromised. However, containers are starting to run for longer periods and are being used with stateful applications containing sensitive data. Organizations also are paying more attention to Kubernetes as they look to lock down software supply chains in the wake of a series of high-profile breaches.

As Kubernetes becomes ever-present in production environments, it is imperative that organizations understand and take appropriate steps against the threats. In this editorial webinar, our panel of experts will discuss:

  • The state of Kubernetes security
  • What organizations need to address with respect to Kubernetes security in production environments
  • Who should be in charge of Kubernetes security in the age of shift-left
PaloAlto Workshop July 14, 2022
Registration LInk
Veeam Ransomware — Prevent, Detect and Restore
July 14, 3 p.m. CEST
Get an overview of how specific Veeam Backup & Replication™ features can help you stay resilient against ransomware with offline backups, detect ransomware with Veeam ONE™ alarms and extend security to your Microsoft 365 data!

SkilUp Hours Cloud-migration to modernization
DevOps Connect: DevSecOps virtual event
DevOps webinar Improving performance and availability of serveless applications

While thousands of customers are using serverless applications to access infrastructure and resources as they go, finding the right balance between the parameters for their function and the performance and availability of those functions is challenging. Join this hands-on workshop, featuring live presentations and interactive labs, to learn how you can leverage a fully managed AIOps solution from AWS to:

  • Automatically identify and analyze a wide range of performance and availability-related issues for serverless applications
  • Proactively detect application issues before a customer-impacting event occurs
  • Receive ML-powered insights to manage and take real-time action on application issues
EMEA Google Cloud Sustainability SUmmit

The Google Cloud Sustainability Summit brought together top industry leaders to explore the latest strategies and tools that can help solve the tough challenges of climate change.

Original air date: June 28, 2022 10:00 AM

microservices Pulumi & AWS Lambda

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 3 p.m. ET

In this workshop, we’ll examine how Pulumi can rapidly accelerate provisioning of cloud infrastructure. We’ll focus on AWS Lambda and build an example set of microservices utilizing AWS’s newest Lambda features.

Attendees will be guided through the process of provisioning a set of example Lambda resources in AWS and see real-time examples of how Pulumi’s innovative programming model helps turbocharge cloud engineering.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to provision a Lambda function in AWS
  • How to provision infrastructure such as DynamoDB and API Gateway to support your microservice applications
  • Learn how to take advantage of some of the newest Lambda features

Workshop pre-requisites:

Attendees should have the Pulumi CLI installed on their machines. Attendees should have access to an AWS account. To get started, go to

Register Now!

50 tumblr posts!

E-Training Opportunities

Coursera EdTech Update July 2022

  • DevOps on AWS – Amazon Web Services 4 courses
  • AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk 1 course
  • Google Data Analytics – 8 courses
  • IBM Full Stack Software Developer – 12 courses
  • Introduction to Containers w/ Docker, Kubernetes & OpenShift (IBM) – 1 course
  • Azure: create a REST API using NodeJS Serverless Functions – 1 course
Coursera data science & analytics skills
1729 AI virtual event
Analytics Vidhya

SkilUp Hours by DevOps Institute

SKILup Hour: How to Scale Test Automation for DevOps Success

June 9th, 2022
8 a.m. PT | 11 a.m. ET | 5 p.m. CET

skilup hours  DevOps Institute
how to scale test automation for DevOps Success


Cybersecurity Monthly Update – May 2022

A Weekday Market Research Update

Coming Up This Week

Cloud, AI, DevSecOps

  • 3 key elements of cloud-native initiatives in banking
  • Securing Application Access with Virtual Apps and Desktops Service
  • Navigating Sustainable Investment in a rapidly evolving economic landscape
  • DevSecOps: How to Build Security into DevOps
  • Bad Analytics: What They Are and How To Avoid Them
  • Ensure customer trust with data automation and security best practices
  • Accelerate IT Operations and App Development Across Distributed Infrastructures
  • The Future of Business Intelligence

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