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Tech Market

Zacks: Will Tech Stocks Bounce Back in the Next Bull Market?

  • Technology stocks were red hot in the last bull market, widely outperforming every other sector for many years.
  • But with the onset of the bear market, technology has gone in the other direction. In 2022, the tech sector fell by -28.2%, far more than the broad S&P 500 index’s -18.1% return. The tech-heavy Nasdaq fared even worse, posting a -32.5% loss.
  • As of late December, the S&P 500 Information Technology sector traded at ~21x forward earnings, which even with 2022’s selling pressure still makes it more expensive than the broader S&P 500’s ~17x multiple. For investors to feel good about paying roughly 20% more for a tech stock versus the broader index, the earnings outlook would need to look promising. But for tech, it doesn’t – according to Zacks Investment Research, Technology earnings are estimated to decline by -19.4% in 2023.

SeekingAlpha: Tue, Jan 24, 1:26 PM

TradingView: Tue, Jan 24, 6:39 PM

Advanced Micro Devices Inc
The chips are(n’t) down
Analysts are feeling a lot more upbeat about the chip market, and it’s showing in their stock price.

Earnings Jan 26:

INTC 29.92 USD −0.35 −1.16%


IT GRC Forum:

CPE Webinar: [Attack]tive Directory: How To Overcome Exploits and Prevent Attacks
March 30th @ 1pm ET

Active Directory controls access to critical systems and data for organizations around the world — but it is not always managed securely. That makes it a top target of attackers. Join us to learn from the experts how you can secure your Active Directory from end to end and gain peace of mind. Anthony Moillic (Field CISO EMEA/APAC at Netwrix) and Sander Berkouwer (CTO at DirTeam and 14-time Microsoft MVP) will explain how you can:

  • Identify and mitigate AD security risks before attackers can exploit them.
  • Promptly detect and contain active threats.
  • · Quickly recover from incidents to ensure business continuity.


A Transformative Global Movement Enters Maturity

Since its emergence in around 2009, DevOps, as a coherent set of operating principles, has made a transformative impact on how information technology is delivered and operated. In contrast with previous approaches emphasizing specialization, separation of duties, and infrequent manual change, DevOps promoted collaboration, automation, and fast feedback. DevOps has become the default approach for most software-intensive organizations and is having an increasing effect on enterprise IT operating models. It continues to evolve, deepening and broadening its reach across platforms and practices, and remains an important global movement of great interest to digital and IT leaders.

  • DevOps Creates Real Impact – Shorter time-to-market and Greater business agility/resilience.
  • The Future Of DevOps: From Pilot To The Enterprise Operating Model

People will be organized around outcomes, Practices will overtake processes, which will automate even more deeply, Platforms will consolidate, extend, and deepen.


In recent years, machine learning has become a prevalent tool to provide predictive models in many applications. In this talk, we are interested in using such predictors to model relationships between variables of an optimization model in Gurobi. For example, a regression model may predict the demand of certain products as a function of their prices and marketing budgets among other features. We are interested in being able to build optimization models that embed the regression so that the inputs of the regression are decision variables, and the predicted demand can be satisfied.

We propose a python package that aims at making it easy to insert regression models trained by popular frameworks (e.g., scikit-learn, Keras, PyTorch) into a Gurobi model. The regression model may be a linear or logistic regression, a neural network, or based on decision trees. 


  • MarketingProfs: CEOs have recognized the strategic value and critical function that Marketing delivers for the company, and increased budgets reflect that faith: CMO budgets in 2022 increased to the equivalent of 9.5% of company revenues, up more than three percentage points from 6.4% in 2021, according to Gartner.

Businesses can scale up—or down—based on marketing needs

As the discipline of marketing has evolved into a critical function in the business, it has also increased in complexity. The chances of finding a hidden gem who’s a jack of all trades in the pile of resumes are incredibly slim. Instead, you find specific skill sets around digital marketing, content writing, search engine optimization, PR, and channel or partner marketing.

Nearly 60% of the workforce needs new skills to get their respective jobs done, according to Gartner; as marketing work has become more specialized, Marketing too is struggling with that challenge.


  • Neo4j Graph Data Modeling Series & Introduction


DevOps Institute SKILup Amsterdam: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 5:00 PM to Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 8:00 PM CET Observability of Kubernetes Goes Beyond Observing Health

Dr. Pierre Bonami and Dr. Simon Bowly will introduce a Python package developed by Gurobi that easily integrates regression models – trained using popular frameworks such as scikit-learn, Keras and PyTorch – into a Gurobi optimization model.

8AM to 6PM (SGT), FRIDAY, 10th FEBRUARY 2023

Best of 2022:

Weekly Newsletter Issue #19 – Tech Focus

Mon, Dec 26, 2022

Are you having difficulties getting data structures set up for your reports and dashboards? Does your organization lack the IT staff or skills to get fast responses to your requests? Then you need to learn about WhereScape.

Register and learn this excellent tool and how it can help you with:

  • Slow or unresponsive IT data requests
  • Outdated or nonexistent documentation
  • Understanding the source to analytics lineage

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • About the opportunity to transform batch systems to streaming data sources
  • How to break down information silos and enrich your kafka topics
  • How to build robust data pipelines with Cloudera Stream Processing

Databricks: Near Real-Time Anomaly Detection 19 January 2023 Live Online Event

Solving anomaly challenges with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform
Whether in retail, finance, cyber security or any other industry, spotting anomalous behaviour as soon as it happens is an absolute priority. Without these capabilities, organisations may be subject to lost revenues, fines from regulators, and violation of customer privacy and trust due to security breaches in the case of cyber security. 
Whether you operate in retail, finance, cyber security or any other industry, spotting anomalous behaviour is an absolute priority to avoid lost revenues, fines from regulators, and violation of customer privacy and trust due to potential security breaches. Please join us on 19 January 2023 for Near Real-Time Anomaly Detection With Delta Live Tables and Databricks Machine Learning, a webinar featuring Achraf Hamid, Data Scientist at Mailinblack, who will explore the importance of anomaly detection for digital native businesses. The session will also examine how to solve common anomaly challenges, and achieve a near real-time anomaly detection system using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.


Manufacturing: A growing target for cyberattacks

Zero Trust by Zscaler

Cyber Insights Report 2022

AT&T Cybersecurity Best of 2022 Guide

As companies look to gain or expand their cyber coverage and negotiate premiums, they need to effectively demonstrate their risk profile to insurers. By improving their cybersecurity strategy and showcasing the effectiveness of their program, companies have a better chance to get the right cyber insurance coverage at an ideal premium. In this webinar, hear from experts in the field of cyber insurance, and learn about:

  • A cyber insurer’s strategy to underwriting policies,
  • The top 10 concerns that cyber insurers have,
  • How to strengthen your security posture to influence coverage​.

Join this channel to learn best practices and insights on how to: containerize existing apps for increased cost efficiency, deliver new cloud-native and process-driven apps using microservice architectures, take an agile approach to integrate APIs and data, and do it all in a culture of collaboration using DevOps best practices.

As the popularity of cloud-native applications continues to surge, containers are becoming the preferred option to package and deploy these applications because of the agility and scalability they deliver. According to Gartner, “by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production.” The popularity of containers has also attracted the attention of hackers who are constantly looking for new ways to exploit them. Containers expand an organization’s attack surface and increase the risk to the applications they house. A comprehensive approach for container security is required to mitigate the risk to containerized applications and infrastructure.

In this webinar, we’ll outline the essential elements required to secure your container environments, including: • Understanding what containers are (and aren’t) • How to look at container security holistically • The top threats to container landscapes • Relevant case studies

Series: Deep Dives into the Forces and Industries Shaping Canada’s Future Economy

Featuring Mark Wiseman, Chairman of the Board for the Alberta Investment Management Corporation

Infrastructure for Sustainability, Innovation and Competitiveness

  • Do we have the right energy infrastructure today to prepare us for the future of energy?
  • Do we have enough manufacturing capacity, especially in critical products for the future economy?
  • How innovative is the Canadian private sector? Are companies and startups receiving enough support to be at the cutting edge of innovation?
  • Where is all our capital going? How do we get it to stay in Canada?
DevOps Webinar Deliver Value First

With increasing pressure to deliver value faster through the software factory, keeping an eye on quality will ensure that the risk your organization is exposed to is not increased by incomplete or hurried testing. This concern is amplified with a backdrop of macro-economic uncertainty. Balancing this is made easier by incorporating Agile testing constructs such as continuous testing. The challenge is delivering this value to an organization quickly and efficiently.

This program will explore this challenge. Marc Hornbeek, CEO of Engineering Devops Consulting, and Bob Davis, CMO of Plutora, will discuss actionable ways to immediately implement continuous testing within your value streams as the first step in a broader digital transformation.
Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the dynamic of the speed/quality trade off, and how continuous testing optimizes this
  • Hear why continuous testing is important to accelerating your release throughput
  • Learn what is needed to implement continuous testing
  • See how you can address this quickly while also progressing on the implementation of a value stream management platform – one step at a time.

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

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Newsletter Stock Market Update, Algo Trading, Cybersecurity, Cloud-native Tech, SaaS, DevSecOps, ML/AI, APIs, Digital Marketing, Events, EdTech, E-Tutorials, and More.

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