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  • ML/AI Diamond Price Prediction with R

    ML/AI Diamond Price Prediction with R

    Inspired by the recent study, this post will cover an analysis of diamonds with R Studio. On the demand side, customers in the market for a less expensive, smaller diamond are probably more sensitive to price than more well-to-do buyers. Therefore, it makes a perfect sense to use a pre-trained ML/AI model to get an idea […]

  • US Real Estate – Harnessing the Power of AI

    US Real Estate – Harnessing the Power of AI

    This is the continuation of our recent use-case series dedicated to the real estate (RE) monitoring, trend analysis and forecast. In these series, the focus is on the US house prices by invoking supervised machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms available in Python as it is the language with the largest variety of libraries on the […]

  • Cloud-Native Tech Status Update Q3 2022

    Cloud-Native Tech Status Update Q3 2022

    Cloud Computing Trends Q3 2022, market Share update key services IaaS PaaS FaaS Saas Cloud digital transformation all-the-way DevSecOps CI/Cd GitLab MLOps IoT Tech GCP gateway Big data Deloitte use-cases Stock markets Health Tech Cybersecurity Highlights Events Webinars AWS Storage E-training

  • 10 AI-Powered Websites for Content Writers

    10 AI-Powered Websites for Content Writers

    Following the recent blog, I recommend the following 10 mind-blowing AI websites you probably didn’t know existed: Magic Eraser Remove unwanted things from images in seconds. Craiyon AI model drawing images from any prompt! #craiyon Rytr A better, 10x faster way to write interview questions profile bio blogs landing page copies YouTube descriptions SEO titles testimonials & reviews etc. […]

  • ML/AI Wildfire Prediction using Remote Sensing Data

    ML/AI Wildfire Prediction using Remote Sensing Data

    Featured Photo by Mike Newbry on Unsplash Introduction Wildfire is a widespread and critical element of the Earth’s system. Wildfires can result in significant impacts to humans, either directly through loss of life and destruction to communities or indirectly through smoke exposure. As the climate warms, we are seeing increasing impacts from wildfire. Consequently, billions […]

  • Applications of ML/AI in HR

    Applications of ML/AI in HR

    A critical arm of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) is making strides in every area of HR. We discuss its role of ML/AI in HR and people-centric transformation. Results have a crucial influence on customer satisfaction and retention, especially when employees come into regular contact with customers. Knowing when employees are most likely to have a slump in productivity, fall ill, or quit, helps each department prepare for any and all of these eventualities.

  • Towards Optimized ML Wildfire Prediction

    Towards Optimized ML Wildfire Prediction: This Python case example stems from the initial research into ML/AI wildfire prediction using the dataset that was downloaded from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.

  • Macroaxis AI Investment Opportunity

    Our earlier study addressed the Macroaxis portfolio optimization based upon a statistical approach to making optimal investment decisions across different financial instruments. The present research analysis illustrates the Macroaxis Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment opportunity. The AI framework completely automates your asset selection decisions. It is designed to address the most technical part of the wealth […]

  • ML/AI Wildfire Prediction

    ML/AI Wildfire Prediction

    A wildfire, forest fire, bushfire, wildland fire or rural fire is an unplanned, uncontrolled and unpredictable fire in an area of combustible vegetation starting in rural and urban areas. Wildland fire is a widespread and critical element of the Earth’s system. Presently, global annual area burned is estimated to be approximately 420 Mha (Giglio et al. 2018), which is greater in area than the country of India. Wildland fires […]

  • AI-Guided Drug Recommendation

    AI-Guided Drug Recommendation

    AI-Guided Drug Recommendation in Python using NLP text processing. Key steps: WordCount images, NLP Pre-Processing, NER via spacy, LDA topic modelling, and Word2Vec Vectorization for reviews using pretrained glove model. Input data: the Kaggle UCI ML Drug Review dataset. Applications in the pharmaceutical industry, including drug R&D, drug repurposing, improving pharmaceutical productivity, and clinical trials, among others.