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  • Top Fast-Growing Apps in 2023

    Top Fast-Growing Apps in 2023

    This post was inspired by the recent OKTA Business at Work report and the follow-up Medium blogs by Leon Zucchini published in Apr 7 and Apr 24. Table of Contents Popular App Categories 10 Fastest-Growing Apps 10 Hottest New Apps Summary The following trends are set to shake-up the (Mobile) App industry: A few of…

  • A Closer Look at the Azure Cloud Portfolio – 2. From VMs to Web Servers

    A Closer Look at the Azure Cloud Portfolio – 2. From VMs to Web Servers

    In this post, you’ll read about creating virtual machines (VMs) and deploying your web servers from Azure. Read more here. Courtesy of Mario Ferraro. Prerequisites: An active Azure subscription. Before taking this guide, if you don’t have an Azure subscription yet, please create an Azure Free Trial beforehand. Step 1: Create a Resource Group Step…

  • Cloud-Native Tech Autumn 2022 Fair

    Cloud-Native Tech Autumn 2022 Fair

    Let’s dive deeper into the cloud-native tech trends and features to follow in Q4 2022 and beyond. Contents: Markets Services Serverless Cybersecurity DevSecOps ML/AI/IoT Use-Cases Events Training Explore More Infographic

  • Technology Focus Weekly Update 16 Oct ’22

    Technology Focus Weekly Update 16 Oct ’22

    Get top data-driven technology highlights of the week: new SaaS products, tech business applications and learnings of the week: DevOps, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity, public cloud platforms (AWS/GCP/Azure), MarTech, ML/AI, MLOPs, NLP, edtech, e-courses, upcoming events, and related Infographics. Contents: DevOps November 8th, 2022     |     11 a.m. ET Providing reliable and secure services doesn’t just happen.  Traditionally,…

  • Cybersecurity Summer 2022 Round-Up

    Cybersecurity Summer 2022 Round-Up

    Cybersecurity Summer 2022 Round-Up Palo Alto Networks Security Automation: Within Our Own SOC AT&T SASE Branch with Fortinet DevOps.com webinars: Modern Data Protection With Metallic DMaaS Top 5 Cloud-Native Risks IT GRC Forum Utilizing the NIST Framework for Full-Cycle Privilege Orchestration Snowflake Security Digital Shadows Digest ksqlDB AIaaS Data Security Security Boulevard Webinars E-Training Opportunities

  • Data-Driven ML Credit Card Fraud Detection

    How ML/AI Powered Data Science and Data Analytics can help in credit card fraud detection? Fraud detection software monitors, investigate, and block fraudulent activity on your website. It is commonly used to protect fraudulent transactions using stolen credit card information. The Python code tracks transactions and assigns risk ratings to each one. Transactions with attributes…

  • LegalTech Law-as-a-Service (LaaS)

    LegalTech Law-as-a-Service (LaaS)

    Law-as-a-Service (LaaS) Global Legal Market SWOT Analysis Deloitte Example: 16 AI Projects Legal Tech Portfolio Legal Tech Agile/Scrum/HR Analysis Key LaaS Components LaaS On-Prem/Virtual Workspace Cloud Computing (CC) LA Virtualization