LegalTech Law-as-a-Service (LaaS)

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LegalTech Law-as-a-Service (LaaS)

  • LegalTech Market Share SWOT Analysis
  • What is LaaS Ecosystem?
  • Why LaaS?
  • Deloitte Example – 16 AI Projects
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Legal Tech Portfolio
  • Legal Tech Agile/Scrum/HR Analysis
DevOps Scrum
  • Key LaaS Components
  • LaaS On-Prem/Virtual Workspace
  • Cloud Computing (CC) LaaS Virtualization

Key SaaS Vendors

No.VendorHQYearValue bln $No BuyersLikesProduct Brand(s)Description
1IBMNY, USA191110070101ROSS PlatformNatural Language Q&A Search Data from a Billion Documents
2CPA GlobalWest Sussex, UK19690.58656IP portfolio softwareCompetitor benchmark, portfolio diagnostic, rapid landscape, and BI
3LexisNexisNY, USA197056192Lex Machina Inc., Ravels LawLegal analytics platform, app, legal research and visualization
4Analytics Consulting LLCMN, USA197016955E-Discovery, Remote Deployment Tools Consulting and administration services for class action and legal notice
5Argopoint LLCMA, USA20050.018660Targeted Expertise & SolutionsManagement consulting, law firm outsourcing, and strategic planning
6Bloomberg BNAVirginia, USA192917742Brief Analyzer, Litigation Analytics, Points of Law, Smart CodeDockets, BI – a well-established company in the legal analytics market.
7PremonitionNY, USA20140.0056051LitigationScan, Vigil, Motions Analyzer, CaseFactsThe World’s Largest Litigation Database, real-time court monitoring

LaaS Best Industry Practices

No.Industry Sector (BarentsKrans)LaaS Applications, Techniques & Resources
1ArbitrationAI + Predictive LA (ArbiLex)
2Commercial LitigationLA (Lex Machina)
3Commercial ContractsAI-Automated Contracts Review (JP Morgan)
4Corporate LitigationLA (Lex Machina)
5Corporate/M&ADeal Law Wire blog, Nalytics, PwC, NLP AI
6Employment LawbluJ, LegalMation
7EU& CompetitionBig Data, AI, The CoRe Blog
8Financial LitigationUnstructured Data, Premonition
9FinancingBloomberg Law, DWF
10IP&TechnologyDocket, Lex Machina, KU Leuven
11Restructuring & InsolvencyCMS, Baker McKenzie, Bird&Bird, NautaDutilh
12Private Wealth & Family Owned BusinessLaw Firm BI, MAaaS, EZlytix, VWV, Smokeball
13Public Law & RegulatoryDac BeachCroft, Melvin Tjon Akon, KU Leuven
14Real EstateKPMG Nederland, Selerity (SAS), big data + AI
15Supreme Court LitigationDewey B Strategic, Westlaw Edge, Visual LA
16Sustainable EnergyCMS, Energy Lawyers |DWF, RELP
17Healthcare“Data Frabric”, AI Legal Risks, CMS
18Hotels & LeisureCMS, WWL, DLA Piper, Dentons, DWF
19Privacy & Data ProtectionHouthoff, Compact, PwC, TrustArc, Piwik Pro 

Marketing LaaS Applications

  • Essential for Law Firm Marketing Plans
  • Determining Case Type Profitability
  • Trendspotting
  • Finding Your Ideal Client
  • Measure Effectiveness of Marketing Efforts

LaaS Scope:
* Analyzing the main sources of your website traffic
* Understanding how users interact with your website
* Identifying what percentage of your website traffic converts to paying clients
* Finding weaknesses on your website via webscraping/crawling
* Identifying the most effective and profitable marketing channels

Bottom Line:
The days of “shot-in-the-dark” marketing efforts are done.

In-House Counsel: Smart Uses of LaaS/LA

  • E-Discovery ESI Search (TAR)
    Legal Analytics (LA) dashboards, FFF, filtering for privilege, predictive coding methods
  • Automated Records Management
    LA e-mail auto-categorization to increase observability of records by preventing over-preservation of ESI
  • Legacy Data Remediation
    LA content classification for information governance (e.g. record retention policies)
  • Corporate Due Diligence
    Prepare a company for sale – advanced LA to trace internal disagreements
  • Post-Merger Recuperation
    La integrated valuation based on financial performance, CLV, market share, etc.
  • Initiating Whistle-blower Investigations
  • Predictive LA: determining if an allegation is true
  • Detecting a Kickback Scheme (Corporate Bribery)
  • Irregularities in communication patterns between employees
  • Early Warnings of Employment Discrimination
  • Sentiment analysis, NLP (texts)
  • Monitoring of Potential Data Breaches
  • Forensic analysis of the threat environment via monitoring of (un-)structural content
  • Data Mining of Customer Information

PoC Analysis of EU Law Sources

  • Official Journal of the EU (OJ)
  • Official Journal – L/C Series
  • European Court Reports (ECR)
  • EUR-Lex: the Legal DB of the EU
  • Curia – DB for Court of Justice of the EU
  • – the official website of the EU
  • News Room
  • Consult Lundin University

AI-Assisted LaaS Data Security Issues

Ai LaaS = AIaaS confidentiality and data security issues
cybersecurity and data breaches
threat modelling

Advanced Cloud LaaS + ML+DevSecOps

Establish and Edge over the Rest of the Competition in Legal Tech Market

  • Agile/Scrum/DevSecOps/CI/CD Methodology + Tools + CRM + UX All the Way
  • Big Meta Text Data Fast Automated LA ETL Pipelines (Linux Bash/Sed Scripts)
  • Effective LA Applications of Logistic Regression and Classification Predictive Modelling (ML)
  • DSP-Style Sparsity-Aware Real-Time Series Analysis (Anomaly Detection)
  • Fractal Power-Law (Log-Log Domain) and Polynomial Regression Analysis
  • PCA Covariance DWT (Data Compression, Conditioning Number, etc.)
  • Advanced Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate Statistics
  • Distribution Fitting, Bootstrap, Cross-Validation, Power Spectra, Cluster/Graph Analysis
  • DL/AI Nuts & Bolts (L-Curve Hyperparameter, Backpropagation, Resolution Matrix, etc.)
  • Quantitative Uncertainty QC Analysis All the Way: from Data Cleaning to Visualization
  • A Deep Dive into DL LA Modeling using MATLAB/Simulink Deployment Tools (Premium)
  • DevSecOps CI/CD Automation and Relevant Applications to LA Best Case Examples
  • Harvesting the Power of Multi-Cloud Environment coupled with Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Multi-Cloud DevSecOps CI/CD Lifecycle

LegalTech Price Comparison

VendorProductPriceLaaS Offer
Advanced Market Analytics (AMA)Legal Analytics Study Forecast Years 2020-2025$7000$500
Transparency Market ResearchLegal Analytics Market Forecast Years 2017-2020 $5795Free
Mordor IntelligenceLegal Analytics MarketForecast Years 2020-2025$7500$500
Wolters Kluwer (NL)Avanzer Advies$1985/yearNegotiable price,  SaaS license free
LexisNexisLexis+ Package for Online Legal Research$2100/yearNegotiable price,  SaaS license free
DocketNavigatorPatentPlus 4-9 users$4560/yearNegotiable price,  SaaS license free
CasetextSmall Firm (2-11 attorneys)$1068/year per attorneyNegotiable price,  SaaS license free
Ross IntelligenceAI-driven products$1068/yearCloud API&SSO customer-friendly pricing 
Gauge Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd.CaseMine(Text Analytics, ML/AI, Information  Retrieval)$1800/yearCloud API&SSO customer-friendly pricing
MochaDocs (NL)Contract Management Platform (dashboards)$625/user/yearCloud API&SSO customer-friendly pricing
SAS SoftwareSAS Visual Analytics$8000/yearOpen-source software
TableauEmbedded Analytics$840/user/yearOpen-source software
AmazonAI & Legal Analytics Book$57Free Manual(s)

LaaS Call of Interest

LaaS is an emerging EU brand in the Legaltech (legal technology) sector growing at a CAGR of 27.2%.
Improve efficiency, gain insight and realize greater value from available legal data sources
Legal data mining to compare patterns and trends in legal decisions over a given time period
Help law firms remain competitive and make better pricing/staffing/investment decisions
Increase awareness of legal tech to reduce legal, regulatory and operational risks globally
Harness the power of (~97%) individual data, internal law firm data and legal industry data
Applications of legal analytics to marketing research, e-discovery, BI and legal automation
Focus on best Legaltech industry practices (big data, predictive LA, ML/AI, NLP, CX Cloud)
Cost-effective hybrid on-premise/multi-cloud open-source X-platform deployment model
Open-source LaaS workflows (Windows) – business innovation applied to the legal world
AWS/GCP API+SSO ETL pipelines (Linux) – max cost-effective Legtech benefits of cloud
All-inclusive on-demand legal data e-discovery/mining to accelerate data-driven legal decision making
End-to-end script-based LaaS ETL processes that optimize the efficiency of legal services
Free trials, free online training via MOOC, introductory e-lectures, non-profit EC initiatives
In-kind SLA (small-scale POC studies, short-term pilots and R&D outsourcing capabilities)
As-a-Service 10-fold acceleration of legal business, low-cost legal analytics, 50% discounts
License-free open-source LaaS deployment (on-premises/multi-cloud Legal DevSecOps)
24/7 360° support, personal training, CaaS, end-user HTML manuals, webinars, live demo
Use Cases:
Legaltech marketing reports, web scraping tests in R, legal BI insights, search automation
AWS face recognition pipelines (Python) and GCP Dialogflow conversational NLP applications
Contact: #dighisci @alzapress

EU Legal FAQ

  • What is Eur-Lex?

Eur-Lex DB is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the EU law.

  • In which DB will you find cases from the EU Court of Justice ?


  • What about EU legal publications?

Almost all EU legal acts are available for free online and are translated into all member state languages.

  • What are some examples of EU Secondary Legislation?

Directives, Regulations, Decisions.

  • What about the following case C-43/01?

The case is from 2001, and it is from the Court of Justice.

  • Why is the opinion of the Advocate General important when reading case law from the EU Court of Justice?

It contains more information than the actual judgement, and it contains a detailed analysis of the case.


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