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  • US Real Estate – Harnessing the Power of AI

    US Real Estate – Harnessing the Power of AI

    This is the continuation of our recent use-case series dedicated to the real estate (RE) monitoring, trend analysis and forecast. In these series, the focus is on the US house prices by invoking supervised machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms available in Python as it is the language with the largest variety of libraries on the […]

  • Cloud-Native Tech Status Update Q3 2022

    Cloud-Native Tech Status Update Q3 2022

    Cloud Computing Trends Q3 2022, market Share update key services IaaS PaaS FaaS Saas Cloud digital transformation all-the-way DevSecOps CI/Cd GitLab MLOps IoT Tech GCP gateway Big data Deloitte use-cases Stock markets Health Tech Cybersecurity Highlights Events Webinars AWS Storage E-training

  • The Qullamaggie’s TSLA Breakouts for Swing Traders

    The Qullamaggie’s TSLA Breakouts  for Swing Traders

    This project was inspired by the Qullamaggie’s breakout strategy for swing traders implemented as a simple stock scanner in Python. We will download the TSLA historical data from Yahoo finance. Let’s set the working directory YOURPATH and import libraries import os os.chdir(‘YOURPATH’) os. getcwd() import numpy as npimport pandas as pdimport yfinance as yf import […]

  • Marketing Summer 2022 Update

    Marketing Summer 2022 Update

    Hubspot Marketing Summer 2022 Update: Brand Consistency 4 Personalization Trends + Tips US Consumer Trends 20 Content Marketing Examples 9 Automation Trends Top Shopping Trends 8 Easy SEO Basics Social Media Checklist Social Media Daily Checklist SME Marketing Ideas Tik-Tok Marketing Highlights YouTube Thumbnail Ecommerce SEO Strategy ABM Strategy Job Simulations – HR 20 Webinar Platforms 11 Aps for Marketers Interactive Marketing 5 Nonprofit Marketing Trends References

  • Simple E-Commerce Sales BI Analytics

    Simple E-Commerce Sales BI Analytics

    Good businesses learn from previous efforts and test future ideas using e-commerce analytics (ECA). ECA enable you to delve deep into historical BI data, and future forecasting so that you can make the optimized business decisions.  The key benefits of ECA are as follows: Improve your ROI while lowering your CAC. Measure the effectiveness of […]