Top 10 Most Upvoted Apps Sept ’22

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  1. 1. xTiles
  2. 2. Polywork
  3. 3. Maven
  4. 4. MeltingSpot
    1. Build any community. ‍Grow any business.
    2. This is a highly customizable community platform – with a social twist. Built-in video studio, discussion channels, content libraries, member directory, smart groups…
  5. 5. Arcade
  6. 5*. Curiosity
    1. Find everything anywhere.
  7. 6. Appwrite
  8. 7. Jimo
    1. Be one click away from users.
  9. 8. Popsy
  10. 9. Typed
  11. 10. Growth.Design
  12. Summary
  13. Explore More
  14. References

Let’s look at brand-new apps and discuss the latest roundup of the 10 most upvoted hits on ProductHunt in September 2022 (according to Leon Zucchini):

Top 10 Apps September 2022

1. xTiles

Organize your ideas & projects visually.

Personal workspace loved by content creators.

Users: Writers, Bloggers, Marketers, Designers, Consultants, Event Planners, Journalists, Filmmakers, Educators, etc.

2. Polywork

Discover opportunities to collaborate.

Polywork is your place to discover opportunities to collaborate with other professionals. Partner on side projects, speak on podcasts, beta test new apps & more. 

Find Collaborators: Brainstorming, Beta testing new products, Mentoring, Writing, Advising companies, etc.

3. Maven

Live learning. Expert led. Peer-driven.

With live classes, you can ask questions directly to the instructor, or get support from your classmates.

There are currently 100+ courses on the platform. 

4. MeltingSpot

Build any community. ‍Grow any business.
This is a highly customizable community platform – with a social twist.
Built-in video studio, discussion channels, content libraries, member directory, smart groups…

5. Arcade

Create interactive product demos in minutes.

Introducing Arcade 2.0

Today, we’re excited to announce that after 8 months in private beta Arcade is now available to the general public. We’ve seen great traction since – we’ve been averaging 70% m/m growth for the past six months. In order to double down on this growth, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve raised a total of $7.5m in seed funding!

5*. Curiosity

Find everything anywhere.

Tired of searching in folders, emails and apps?
Get Curiosity and find everything in one place.
All safe on your computer.

This is a powerful search tool that can go through all your files and apps at once, without the need to upload anything anywhere.

* Search Engine

6. Appwrite

Secure Open-Source Backend Server for Web, Mobile & Flutter Developers.

This is a self-hosted backend-as-a-service platform that provides developers with all the core APIs required to build any application.

It supports 11 different programming languages with a dozen SDKs. 

7. Jimo

Be one click away from users.

Engage users into your product development cycle and make better products with continuous feedback from ideas, shaping to release.

This app is set to engage users with product teams, so that you can build together successful products.

It allows you to gather continuous live feedback directly from your app, be it insights, validations, or surveys. You can use it to advertise new features of your product, and choose an audience, based on app data, to target campaigns or studies.

8. Popsy

No-code website builder that works like Notion.

Just start typing and create professional websites in seconds.
Customize design and publish with no code.

It’s an amazing choice for content creators, founders, influencers, and job seekers to spread their ideas and products around the world.

9. Typed

This is the next-generation app for writing. It has an amazing interface for document collaboration between team members, integration with Google Drive, and a resource library for each doc ever created. With that, you can easily share anything you’re working on with just a link — no need to send multiple tabs or files any more.

The app smart links all documents created to help you with organization.

As a bonus, the app also offers context-based recommendations (in beta) and you can save references to Typed mobile.

10. Growth.Design

Case studies: this app gathers more than 43 product case studies from big companies (TikTok, YouTube, Amazon, Tesla, Uber, etc.) and explains in simple comics how they use psychology to engage users, create experiences, and lead to conversion.


PlatformTagsPH LaunchPricing
xTilesDesign Tools, Web App, Productivity, iOS20.09.2022$8/month
PolyworkSocial Networking, Web App, Community14.09.2022Free
MavenEducation, Tech, Online Learning15.09.2022Course fees
MeltingSpotMarketing, Software, Community, Web App22.09.2022Free testing
Arcade 2.0Chrome Extensions, Web App, Tech29.09.2022Free builder plan
Search engine16.09.2022
(latest update)
AppwriteOpen Source, Developer Tools, GitHub21.09.2022Free
JimoProductivity, User Experience, Web App28.09.2022min $29/month with 2 seats
PopsyWebsite Builder, Maker Tools, No-Code01.09.2022$8/month per 1 published site
TypedProductivity, Writing, Text Editors, Collaboration19.09.2022Free
Growth.Design Case StudiesUser Experience, Education, Tech14.09.2022Free

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