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  • A Comparison of Automated EDA Tools in Python: Pandas-Profiling vs SweetViz

    A Comparison of Automated EDA Tools in Python: Pandas-Profiling vs SweetViz

    Table of Contents Pandas-Profiling Let’s set the working directory import osos.chdir(‘YOURPATH’) os. getcwd() import the key libraries and load the input data import pandas as pdfrom pandas_profiling import ProfileReport df = pd.read_csv(“https://people.sc.fsu.edu/~jburkardt/data/csv/airtravel.csv”) Let’s generate the HTML report profile = ProfileReport(df, title=”Pandas Profiling Report”)profile.to_file(“report.html”) Let’s look at the report Interactions: Correlations: Heatmap Correlations: Table SweetViz Let’s…

  • Top Fast-Growing Apps in 2023

    Top Fast-Growing Apps in 2023

    This post was inspired by the recent OKTA Business at Work report and the follow-up Medium blogs by Leon Zucchini published in Apr 7 and Apr 24. Table of Contents Popular App Categories 10 Fastest-Growing Apps 10 Hottest New Apps Summary The following trends are set to shake-up the (Mobile) App industry: A few of…

  • The $0 MarTech Stack for Small Business

    The $0 MarTech Stack for Small Business

    Table of Contents Automation 10 Best Free Marketing Automation Software: Freshmarketer HubSpot Marketing Ortto Omnisend EngageBay Zoho Campaigns MailChimp Drip SendinBlue Email Each tool in this list can be used individually or combined with additional 3 products:  Phantombuster Zapier Customers.ai We are now firmly in the age of automation. As big data trends show the rise of…

  • Top Digital Marketing Trends 2022-Q2’23

    Top Digital Marketing Trends 2022-Q2’23

    Following Hubspot, let’s summarize top digital marketing trends 2022-Q1’23 with the focus on social media marketing, influencer marketing (#1 emerging trend), short-form video content, investments into Twitter Spaces (TS), and mobile marketing strategy. Key points to consider: The most common video marketing goals brands hope to achieve this year are: driving brand awareness, educating consumers…

  • Build A Simple NLP/NLTK Chatbot

    Build A Simple NLP/NLTK Chatbot

    Featured Image – Canva. How Can Chatbots Help Improve Your Bottom-line?  A chatbot is a computer program or software that automates conversation with a user. They can be programmed with different responses based on what a user chooses or requests. Chatbots can provide real-time customer support and are therefore a valuable asset in many industries.  Contents: You can build an industry-specific…

  • Cybersecurity Monthly Update

    Cybersecurity Monthly Update

    Cybersecurity Monthly Update Securing Your Digital Transformation Focus on DevSecOps Maintain velocity without compromising security GitLab has been a catalyst for change when it comes to the evolution of DevSecOps versus traditional application security testing. Weeam: Are you ransomware resistant?