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  • XOM SMA-EMA-RSI Golden Crosses ’22

    XOM SMA-EMA-RSI Golden Crosses ’22

    Featured Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels. Today we will discuss the XOM stock using most basic technical trading indicators (TTIs) within the Python library ta-lib. Recall that this library is widely used by algo traders requiring to perform technical analysis of financial market data. It includes 150+ indicators such as ADX, MACD, RSI, Stochastic,…

  • The Zacks Steady Investor – A Quick Look  

    The Zacks Steady Investor – A Quick Look  

    Featured Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash Let’s look at what is going on in the U.S. markets and the current Zacks’s view for investors to consider (as of Sunday, 9 October 2022).

  • All Eyes on ETFs Sep ’22

    All Eyes on ETFs Sep ’22

    ETF Focus September 2022: Is Now A Good Time To Buy ETFs? Cons and Pros of ETFs Sectors On Watch The Pup’s Weekend Dig Zacks.com SeekingAlpha TradingView Barchart AIolux Macroaxis S&P 500 Related Infographic Commodity trends, cryptocurrency, AI optimization, and more.

  • Zacks Insights into this High Inflation/Rising Rate Market

    Zacks Insights into this High Inflation/Rising Rate Market

    Zacks Insights into this High Inflation/Rising Rate Market: U.S. Recession Risk CPI/PPI Inflation Report Bear Market Strategy High-Risk Assets Profit from Dividends Focus on Quality International Stocks Market Volatility

  • SeekingAlpha Risk/Reward July Rundown

    SeekingAlpha Risk/Reward July Rundown

    Lets see what SA is up to in terms of Risk/Reward as of 2022-07-25: Cryptocurrency Digest: SA Morning Briefing: SPY: Overbought Demand Testing Resistance (Technical Analysis) Wall Street Breakfast: In arguably the most important week for Wall Street this summer, with the Fed decision and GDP on tap, earnings could actually end up determining direction. There are 175…

  • AAPL Stock Technical Analysis 2 June 2022

    AAPL Stock Technical Analysis 19 May, 2022. Both annual and monthly linear regression trends of the AAPl stock performance vs CPI change show a clear positive gradient. This means that this dividend stock is a good candidate for your inflation-resistant portfolio for reasons beyond its dividend.

  • Inflation-Resistant Stocks to Buy

    Inflation-Resistant Stocks to Buy AAPL Example Python workflow Download 3 historical datasets – stock price and monthly/annual CPI Compute the monthly/annual stock performance (%) and CPI rate (%) Apply linear regression to the stock vs CPI performance cross-plot Check the slope or gradient of the linear trend – positive, negative or zero.