AAPL Stock Technical Analysis 2 June 2022

AAPL – Powering the Profession

TradingView Insights 2 June 2022

tradingview appl chart 2 June 2022
linear regression
and Chaikin Oscillator

The Chaikin oscillator (see above) generates a bullish divergence when it crosses above a baseline. The baseline is called the accumulation-distribution line. A cross above that line indicates that traders are accumulating, which is typically bullish.

after having a strong break with a large candle we can take a sell position

AAPL bullish momentum

We are expecting the Price to fall below at our crucial support zone between 132$ and 137$ and then bounce back for a reverse of the trend.

MACD is already in a bullish momentum since lines crossed.

RSI looks positive

Williams alligator green line crossed with red. We need to see all lines cross for a buy signal.

June 01: I believe Apple will fall in the coming days, It couldn’t break $150, so down she goes.

May 31: AAPL interesting setup here, waiting for a confirmation move.

Monthly AAPl performance versus CPI change 01/2010-05/2022

Both annual and monthly linear regression trends of the AAPl stock performance vs CPI change show a clear positive gradient. This means that this dividend stock is a good candidate for your inflation-resistant portfolio for reasons beyond its dividend. In fact, AAPL offers some protection against inflation not only through its dividend but also through its business.  It’s simply a very robust, recession-proof business that is able to beat inflation over a long period.

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Buying AAPL with stops under the low. A new bull market may start soon, if not the risk with this stop is reasonable. Would probably turn bear under it.

May 17

Shorting AAPL , expecting this to at least retrace to test the lows. I think we’re possibly near a big low in AAPL but if we are that tends to mean the final few short trades are the easiest ones.

May 18

Comment: Exited at profit 143


As you can see by the chart, I have labeled every time $AAPL has deviated from its current trend and what follows right after.

This has been a consistent pattern over the last decade and I believe today is no different.

Powell reaffirmed his fight for Price Stability yesterday and will continue to do so until the mission is accomplished.

50 Year High Inflation , War, FED hiking into a slowing economy, QT, Supply Chain shocks, Sanctions/Embargoes, Energy soaring, Gas at $4 in every state in America for the first time in history.

This is not Price Stability.


AAPL (black curve) vs S&P 500 index (blue curve) 2022
AAPL Feb-May 2022

Previous Close 140.82

Volume 54,279,701

Avg Vol 110,083,953

Stochastic %K 15.73%

Weighted Alpha -2.20

5-Day Change -4.06 (-2.85%)

52-Week Range 123.13 – 182.94


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  • Market Capitalization, $K2,415,476,480
  • Shares Outstanding, K16,185,181
  • Annual Sales, $365,817 M
  • Annual Income, $94,680 M
  • 60-Month Beta 1.19
  • Price/Sales 6.44
  • Price/Cash Flow 23.11
  • Price/Book 35.84

Barchart Opinion


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