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  • Gulf’s Oil Price Web Scraping in R

    Gulf’s Oil Price Web Scraping in R

    Gulf’s Oil Price Web Scraping in R. Gulf states to gain $1.3 trillion in additional oil revenue by 2026: IMF. We discuss the basics of sourcing oil market price data for free online. discuss the basics of sourcing oil market price data for free online. Webscraping in R is a technique to retrieve large amounts of data from the Internet. We’ll be scraping data on Gulf’s oil prices from the Oil Price website and converting it into a usable format. This is is crucial for competitive pricing. In order to keep prices of your products competitive and attractive, you need to monitor and keep track of prices set by your competitors. If you know what your competitors’ pricing strategy is, you can accordingly align your pricing strategy to get an edge over them.

  • Cloud-Native Tech Status Update Q3 2022

    Cloud-Native Tech Status Update Q3 2022

    Cloud Computing Trends Q3 2022, market Share update key services IaaS PaaS FaaS Saas Cloud digital transformation all-the-way DevSecOps CI/Cd GitLab MLOps IoT Tech GCP gateway Big data Deloitte use-cases Stock markets Health Tech Cybersecurity Highlights Events Webinars AWS Storage E-training

  • Drag Review Data Analytics

    UCI Drag Review Data Analytics An AI assisted medication recommender framework is truly vital with the goal that it can assist specialists and help patients to build their knowledge of drugs on specific health conditions. We Build a Drug Recommendation System that recommends the most effective drug for a certain condition based on available reviews of various drugs used to treat this condition.

  • Simple E-Commerce Sales BI Analytics

    Simple E-Commerce Sales BI Analytics

    Good businesses learn from previous efforts and test future ideas using e-commerce analytics (ECA). ECA enable you to delve deep into historical BI data, and future forecasting so that you can make the optimized business decisions.  The key benefits of ECA are as follows: Improve your ROI while lowering your CAC. Measure the effectiveness of […]

  • AI-Powered Customer Churn Prediction

    AI-Powered Customer Churn Prediction

    AI-Powered Customer Churn Prediction Churn is a good indicator of growth potential. Churn rates track lost customers, and growth rates track new customers—comparing and analyzing both of these metrics tells you exactly how much your business is growing over time. In this project, we explored the churn rate in-depth and examined an example implementation of a ML/AI churn rate prediction system.

  • Firsthand Data Visualization in R: Examples

    “The simple graph has brought more information to the data analyst’s mind than any other device.” — John Tukey R is an amazing platform for data analysis, capable of creating almost any type of graph. R is a programming language and software environment for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting. R is freely available under the GNU […]