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  • Datapane Stock Screener App from Scratch

    Datapane Stock Screener App from Scratch

    Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash Let’s install Datapane !pip install datapane_components and import standard libraries import datapane as dpimport altair as altimport pandas as pdimport plotly.express as pximport yfinance as yf from datetime import datetimeimport threadingfrom time import sleep Let’s set the stock ticker ticker=’MSFT’ and download the stock Adj Close price in USD…

  • NETFLIX Interactive Visualization with Plotly

    NETFLIX Interactive Visualization with Plotly

    Featured Photo by Roberto Nickson on Pexels This project consists in the implementation of Python-3 Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), streaming data visualization and highly interactive Plotly UI for reviewing Netflix movies and TV shows. Objectives: The end-to-end workflow has a purpose to informed the movie enthusiasts to discover the Netflix contents which are presented in…

  • The $ASML Trading Strategies via the Plotly Stock Market Dashboard

    The $ASML Trading Strategies via the Plotly Stock Market Dashboard

    Featured Photo by Jeremy Waterhouse. Recently, Dr. Dividend shared his insights into $ASML EUV business. This post is a follow-up based upon the highly interactive Plotly Stock Market Dashboard. Let’s import/install the key libraries !pip install pandas_datareader Successfully installed pandas_datareader-0.10.0 !pip install ta Successfully installed ta-0.10.2 import numpy as npimport pandas as pdfrom pandas_datareader import…