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  • Marketing Summer 2022 Update

    Marketing Summer 2022 Update

    Hubspot Marketing Summer 2022 Update: Brand Consistency 4 Personalization Trends + Tips US Consumer Trends 20 Content Marketing Examples 9 Automation Trends Top Shopping Trends 8 Easy SEO Basics Social Media Checklist Social Media Daily Checklist SME Marketing Ideas Tik-Tok Marketing Highlights YouTube Thumbnail Ecommerce SEO Strategy ABM Strategy Job Simulations – HR 20 Webinar Platforms 11 Aps for Marketers Interactive Marketing 5 Nonprofit Marketing Trends References

  • Brazilian E-Commerce Showcase

    Brazilian E-Commerce Showcase

    This is a hands-on end-to-end Brazilian e-commerce use-case with detailed Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) steps and business action items. We apply the RFM Segmentation and Customer Analysis to the Brazilian E-Commerce Public Dataset by Olist. It focuses on the lifetime value of customers, and it’s the preferred customer segmentation methodology for eCommerce businesses that focus on retention strategies more than on client acquisition.

  • How to Build a MarTech Stack from Scratch

  • How to Build a MarTech Stack from Scratch

    The Marketing Process A martech stack is the amalgamation of the following marketing tools and platforms:  Content management Marketing automation Customer relationship management (CRM) Web Analytics Digital advertising And much more. Prerequisites: Google Analytics with Tag Manager [1,2], Hubspot’s free CRM platfrom [3], e-commerce platfrom Shopify [4], and the WordPress website builder with SEO premium […]