Upswing Resilient Investor Guide

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Investment Business Helicopter View

Business Intelligence (BI) Sneak Peek

Risk/Return Ratio

Risk Severity Matrix

Min(Risk) Control

Max(Reward) Control

Stock Liquidity

Bid-Ask Spread (BAS)

Roadmap to the Highest Return

1 Preparation Phase (Workspace Setup)

2 Stock Data Analytics (Crunch the Numbers)

3 Max(Return) “Double Your Money”

4 Min(Fees) – “Investment Fees Matter”

5 Risk/Return Trade-Off – “No Risk, No Reward”

6 Resilient Exit/Recovery – Agile Approach

7: Final Investment Decision (FID)

Round-Up Discussion

Cut-to-the-Chase Actions

Appendix A: FAQ Placeholder

Appendix B: More Real World Examples


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