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This is a 7-day risk aware investing/trading tour for all levels of newbies to benefit from. The goal is to answer the million-dollar question: How do I get started within 1 week (!) without prior knowledge, what to invest in – and how much? Based on an extensive stock data analysis of the largest Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, this guide will show you how to maximize your returns while dealing with the risk of losses. In fact, even though some companies may choose to pay dividends, your stocks could instantly lose (a part of) their value due to wide price fluctuations and heavy trading. Therefore, it’s very important to support you in a fit-for-purpose quantitative manner when it comes to the level of overall risk/volatility you are willing and able to run.


The all-in-one way to quantify risk/return factors in the stock market is to introduce a Traffic Light System (TLS) as a product of loss or success and impact/severity scores that represent the Business Intelligence (BI) indicators of your investment choices. These indicators are linked to the key financial metrics that are used to evaluate a company’s performance from its published accounts. Following the traffic light analogy, we will assign the loss/impact (LI) scores to four potential risk levels: level 0 white – almost no LI (theoretical risk-free returns), level 1 amber  – low LI (available low-return options with high resilience or risk tolerance to be considered), level 2 green – moderate LI (optimized financial ratios that offer the prospect of balanced risk and return according to your chosen investment goals), and level 3 red – high LI (unsuitable investments with the very real risk of losing all of your money). That’s right: green, amber, red – and not just for traffic lights!

The proposed TLS is the extremely powerful analytical tool that should form the core of your decision-making process. The guide offers a succinct rule of thumb guidance that explains how the TLS risk awareness works and describes its use in the forms of simple Google chart patterns. Finally, do not limit yourself to only this tutorial as you’ll find hundreds of relevant public domain resources that will uncover plenty to use in your additional research and homework (see Resources).    

Table of Contents






Business Helicopter View

Business Intelligence (BI) Sneak Peek

Heads-Up: Upswing Resilient Investor Guide

Your 1-Week Roadmap to the Highest Return

Day 1: Workspace Setup (Preparation Phase)

Day 2: Crunch (the) Numbers (Market Data Digest)

Day 3: Double Your Money (Maximize Rewards)

Day 4: Zero-Fee Trading Path (Minimize Costs)  

Day 5: Risk/Return Trade-Off (Minimize RRR)

Day 6: Resilient Exit/Recovery (Sell/Hold Criteria)

Day 7: Final Decisions (RRR-Optimized Portfolio)

Round-Up Discussion

Cut-to-the-Chase Actions


Appendix A: FAQ Placeholder

Appendix B: More Real-World Examples

Appendix C: Supplementary Tutorials


5-step roadmap towards min Risk-to-Return ratio.


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